I am told regularly and by reliable people that if I want to write things well, I should write a lot of things. This site will house some of those things. Many of them will likely relate to psychology, science, philosophy, books, and music as these are the things that make up a great part of what it means to be a person for me. Or perhaps it is better said; these are the tools I have found to describe what it means to be a person for me, for better or worse these simultaneously create and restrict the potential I have to share myself.

The title of this blog comes from the Gillian Welch song Annabelle, the opening verse of which ran on looped tape into my mind’s ear more days than was healthy;

“I leased twenty acres and one Ginny mule
From the Alabama trust.
Half of the cotton, a third of the corn
You get a handful of dust”

Listening to this verse I feel I know exactly what she talks about, the feeling, the meaning is crystal clear even when the words are not. I don’t even know what a Ginny mule is, and I’ve definitely never tried to grow cotton.

NB: I have since discovered that it’s also the title of a reasonably well known book, shoulder shrug